Picking the Perfect Little Summer Dress

There's two types of women when it comes to fashion and summer.  There's those who dread the little clothing, those white legs and having to throw away the layers they like to cover up in.  Then on the other hand, you have the women who cannot wait for Summer.  They love to show off their legs, white or tanned, they like to strut around in a little dress and show off what they've got.  But summer doesn't need to be scary.  There are so many summer dresses that are not thigh short and lacking style.  You can easily choose something that makes you feel comfortable, and if you have a killer print, then no one will even notice those 'lack of sun' legs. 

If you like to show off the legs, then no problem, the world is your oyster.  There's so many options for a cute summer look.  You've got little florals, big florals, polka dots, stripes, plain and you could even go with one of many playsuits that are getting around these days.  

Summer is about having fun, enjoying the food and wine and getting in the outdoors.  You really don't want to look back and realise you wasted your time worrying about what you were wearing or whether that dress made you look fat.  Get out there and ENJOY YOURSELF x

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