Look and Feel Good in Isolation

Living in isolation has a lot of time saving benefits for women: no requirement to wash and style hair, nails can have peeling polish and no need for makeup or wearing a bra.
Because of iso I've been dressing more casually than I normally would. I've stayed in my gym gear all day and worn comfy shorts and loose t-shirts. One day I didn’t even get out of pajamas. The first week was a novelty, however I found myself feeling daggy. 
After days of daggy dressing, I decided to dress up. I painted my toenails, brushed my hair into a neat ponytail, applied some makeup, put on a summer dress, some earrings and strutted out the door to go to Woolies. 
The feeling of looking good made me acknowledge that taking care of myself has an impact on how I feel. Now I’m taking the time to do all the self-pampering I’ve never felt I had time to do. Below I share my favourite ways to look and feel good in isolation. 
Treat your hair
Give yourself an extended hair treatment once or twice a week. As I colour my hair it tends to dry out. To treat myself I love to spend at least 5 minutes massaging my head with shampoo, I then towel dry my hair and apply a deep-conditioning hair treatment. To distribute the product evenly I use a wide tooth comb. I then cover my hair with a shower cap and leave in as per instructions. The result, luscious locks. 
Spoil your Face 
Enjoy a relaxing skincare routine. This is one of my favourite self-pamper things to do. After slowly massaging cleanser into my face and neck, I gently use a face scrub, then apply moisturiser or a facemask. I layback and wait for the magic skin rejuvenating action. 
Pamper your Nails 
Pamper your hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure. I love taking the time soak my hands and feet in warm water with a little peppermint or lavender oil. I trim and shape my nails, then massage in some moisturiser. After this I  paint them in a pretty colour. I then stare at my handy work!
Love your Body & Mind 
Food - Having nutritious items available is essential. During the day it’s tempting to snack on corn chips or some chocolate. I’m trying to make heathy choices instead, like a handful or grapes or nuts. In the afternoon it was way too easy to have a glass or two… or three… of wine. I made the decision to give up alcohol for a while. It’s been over two weeks and I feel much healthier for it. 
​Exercise - Move your body every day. At least 2-3 times a week I go walking with my dad along the esplanade and up the red arrow track. At home we decided to create our own mini gym. We have a bench-press and multiple weights and I aim to do a workout every second day. 
Meditation - Stimulate your mind through meditation and creative activities. Sleeping-in is the comfortable option, however I’ve made the commitment to get up between 5am and 6am to meditate. I then spend time journaling and doing something creative, like writing poetry. 
Adore your Clothing
You can create gorgeous casual outfits that have you looking and feeling beautiful. I love wearing bright colours to lift my mood. Have fun in your wardrobe by mixing and matching outfits you haven’t paired before. It's an ideal time to reinvent your style and take advantage of the awesome sales online. 

​All the online sales inspired me to run another free fashion webinar. I thought it would be exciting to share with others how to master online shopping. You can register via the link below.  
​During this crazy time, if you’re heading out, working from home or just chilling with family, you can still look and feel great, it’s time to pamper yourself. ​