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Fashion in the Tropics

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The Not So Glamourous Part of life in the Tropics

Let's be honest, most people wish they lived in the Tropics.  Those balmy nights, not needing to layer up the warm clothes, and just living the simple life.  However, for those who've lived in these climates for most of their lives, it can certainly be far from the reality.  

Don't get me wrong, the warm climate is great, but here's the things you don't consider and what may just change your mind on those cooler climates. 


Well we all wish our hair sat beautiful and yes we can change that with a straightener, easy done.  But sometimes this is not the case.  Sticky necks and blowing breezes make this fantasy far from the truth.  The only way to guarantee your hair stays the way it did before you left is by applying that product baby.  Get it in there and get it in good.  This or Air Conditioning also do the trick.  But we don't all get the luxury of being in A/C 24/7.  If this fails, you could try straightening it, then tying it up in a loose pony tail or some other well googled hair style of your choosing.  A messy bun also works wonders when you really don't have the time to be straightening.  Because the truth of it is, that if you straighten it one day, chances are you will be doing it again the next anyways. 


Well you can't afford these when you can't layer up those clothes.  I guess this is a good thing because it makes us more aware of our clothes fitting properly.  Although, it is nice to go away to chilly Melbourne and enjoy the food and wine on offer and know that you are only a coat away from hiding that extra holiday indulgence.  Pure bliss.


Tropics and shoes is definately a positive.  There are so many nice, blingy, classy shoes that you can pair with any outfit to jazz it up.  No need to drag the boots out, heels, thongs or flats all the way.  Plus when you go on a holiday to the tropics, these shoes don't take up much room if you like to pack with variety in mind. 


When you live in the tropics, you don't need to worry about carrying an extra coat, or whether the place you are going will have heating.  It's just simple.  You can pick up your handbag that you take with you every day, and it's good to go.  Or, if you want to change it, you can.  It's not hard.  Just change a few things over and whala.  You are done and ready to go.  

So really, when it comes down to it, there are advantages to both climates.  It's just up to you to see the value in the place you choose to live. 

Natasha x

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